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Backing up Kubernetes is Hard

If you're running a traditional IT environment, you've probably got an adequate backup solution.

If you're building or migrating to cloud-native applications, it’s a different story. These applications are typically packaged in containers and deployed as a set of microservices in Kubernetes. For these modern applications, current backup technologies fall short.

Existing backup solutions copy entire virtual machines or clusters, which typically contains thousands of applications. This wastes time and space.

It’s like if you’re backing up your family photographs -- you might group them into albums and upload the albums to a cloud provider. Imagine if every time you added a photo, you had to upload another copy of all of the albums to the cloud. Or if you need to retrieve a photo that you’d accidentally deleted, and found that you had to download all the photos from all your albums to get back the one you lost. That’s how inefficient the current backup solutions are for modern cloud-native applications.

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Kubesafe Backs up Applications

Kubesafe works differently.

Unlike other container backup solutions, Kubesafe focuses on protecting applications rather than nodes or virtual machines. We take advantage of modern storage systems’ capabilities for efficient snapshot differencing so that each backup is faster and takes less space. Now it's economical to back up more frequently.

Kubesafe runs on all major distributions of Kubernetes and will work with all major storage infrastructures. It is simple to use, requiring no specialized Kubernetes expertise.

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Put Your Backups to Work

Backups aren't just for recovering from accidental deletion. With Kubesafe software, you can use your backups to give your applications more agility.

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Create new copies of applications or namespaces from a backup copy to run your tests or analytics against your production data.



Move applications and their data between clusters and between clouds.

We are Data Protection Experts

Kubesafe software is ideal for Kubernetes environments. It

  • operates on applications and namespaces rather than VMs and clusters
  • runs on your existing Kubernetes and storage infrastructure
  • is easy to use -- no Kubernetes expertise required

Contact us to talk about how Kubesafe can help protect your vital application data.