Cloud-Native Application Protection

As you move your applications into Kubernetes, you don't have to give up the enterprise data protection capabilities you've come to rely on. Kubesafe integrates with Kubernetes and with your storage to protect and migrate your applications with all their data and configuration details.

Use Cases

Why Kubesafe?

Backup and Recovery

Frequent recovery points allow recovering from operator errors.

Disaster Protection

Replicated copies in other clusters allow recovering from site disasters.

Copy Data Management

Use replicas for analysis, test, and development.


Move applications between clouds as business needs change.


Kubesafe News

Kubesafe Available in AWS Marketplace

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How It Works

Focus on Applications

Kubesafe manages protection for your Kubernetes applications, leveraging the capabilities of your underlying storage to get the fastest, most efficient backups possible.

You can back up locally or to a remote cluster, on demand or on a schedule, then restore or clone from your backups whenever you need.

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